Senior Frontend Developer Experienced in Data Visualization and Analytics

Job Type: Contract

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3-6 months

We are a data science consultancy and we are looking for a senior front-end developer with skills using JavaScript Charts libraries such as Chart.js, D3.js, HighCharts, AmCharts, to help us develop a new data analytics product.

Our Product:

  • A web application that allows users to mine and  “slice and dice” the data for analysis and easily compile different visualizations and charts. 
  • It is a data analytics/visualization tool that is suited for users who are not “data analysts”, therefore, the application is very easy to use (e.g users don’t need to organise data because we prepare the database and tables etc). 
  • A user can choose filters (i.e what to include in the results), chart option (e.g bar chart, pie) and can drill-down to analyse further. 
  • Users can save, download and share the reports that they made in the application.

Your Role

  • Define the technologies and frameworks for development of front end application including data visualisation libraries
  • Develop the front-end application for the product based on UX/UI designs developed by our team
  • Integrate the front-end application to backend content delivery API
  • Collaborate with the product manager, backend developers and data scientists and work on a 2-week sprints basis.

Your Qualifications:

  • Have more than 5 years of experiences in front end development
  • Experiences with planning and developing complex front end applications
  • Skilled in React.js, Vue.js, Angular, or other suitable frameworks
  • Experience with data visualisations and chart libraries (D3.js, Charts.js, HighCharts, AmCharts, etc.)
  • Experience with data analytics platforms is also beneficial (e.g. Cube.js)

Work Arrangement: 

  • 25% engagement in June, full-time between July and September (3 months) and part-time between October and December (3 months)

Work Option:

  • Remote working available

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