Intermediate DevOps Engineer skilled with Kubernetes and CI/CD

Job Type: Contract

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3 months

We are a data science and web development consultancy and we are looking for an experienced devops engineer to join an existing team.


  • Daily operations: We are using several self hosted services for daily operations: GitLab (with CI, runner), Open project, Munin, Sentry, ELK stack, etc. We prefer to self host solutions for code versioning, training data storage and AI model storage as well as maintain in-house infrastructure for hosting of applications and APIs.
  • CI/CD: We are developing ETL pipelines, backend and frontend web applications using Python, and use GitLabCI and cloud hosting environment to facilitate CI/CD workflows (AWS and bespoke Cloud solution).
  • Analytics/BI: Our clients are mostly companies requiring Business Intelligence for whom we wish to develop architecture to support analytics products and business intelligence databases and data visualisation capabilities.
  • Hosting: We normally host Python APIs, React and Vue front end applications, and SQL and noSQL databases at selected providers ranging from AWS, MS Azure, Google cloud, and at a provider in Germany.

Your Role

  • Setup and maintain daily operations services, GitLab, Openproject, Sentry, Munin, ELK stack, etc.
  • Define the technologies for optimal devops solutions in our company facilitating web backend and frontend development, data science and data engineering work. Propose solutions you see suitable for improving our workflows.
  • Develop and maintain solutions using Ansible, Puppet, or similar playbooks to setup servers, backup and restore databases, and develop Continuous Integration solutions using GitlabCI or similar service. 
  • Maintain a hosting environment for Python APIs and ReactJS/VueJS front end web applications using Kubernetes cloud and AWS services.
  • Setup and maintain PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Neo4j, MySQL databases securely.
  • Live-debugging of Linux systems, profiling and searching for application bottlenecks
  • Secure credentials management
  • Utilise bespoke hosting solutions as well as managed services on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and similar.
  • Penetration testing of the hosted and developed services within security and quality assurance.

Your Qualifications:

  • Have more than 2 years of experience as a devops engineer.
  • Unix server management skills, familiarity with configuration management tools (Ansible, Puppet, or similar), understanding of HTTP and DNS.
  • Basic experience with credentials management
  • Experience with Linux systems and live-debugging, bottleneck identification, and penetration testing.
  • Strong experience with containerization and Kubernetes, advantage is Kubernetes certification, and with development of cloud solutions.
  • Past working experience as a devops in a team of Python backend developers as devops. Past experience as a Python backend developer is an advantage.
  • Experience with Continuous Integration solutions and ability to develop CI workflows using GitlabCI or similar service.
  • Experience and understanding of configuration management tools (Ansible, Puppet, or similar), understanding of HTTP and DNS, etc.
  • Experience with databases and understanding on how to configure PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Neo4j and other databases for performance tuning.
  • Experience with security and secure hosting on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and other platforms.

Work Arrangement: 

  • We have an existing team and also another part time devops with whom you will share the work.
  • Part time 

Work Option:

  • Remote working available 

Apply to by sending your cover letter and a CV.

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