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We are not just a tech supplier, we will be your partner. Compared to other tech development companies, we don’t just implement, we also offer ideas and advises holistically, including business analysis and product design / management / road map.

Our Story

When perfect complementary skills combined

Dr.Gabrijel has in-depth knowledge in data science and web development while Jiaxin has extensive and versatile experiences in business analysis and product management, with the exact complementary skills needed for a consultancy to succeed, they founded Qualimental Technologies together.

Our Philosophy

Ethical and sustainable use of technology

We are devoted to using technologies in an ethical and sustainable way and have pledged never to prioritize commercial benefits over moral principles, for the purpose of empowering advancement in science and contributing to a better future for the world.

Our Experts and Partners

We are here to offer you the best quality service.

Dr. Gabrijel Persin

Dr. Gabrijel Persin

Head of Data Science

Gabrijel is a PhD level data scientist with strong process automation, trend analysis and anomaly detection skills. His PhD topic was processing vibration time series data, and development of autonomous anomaly detection systems based on advanced spectral analysis and trend forecasting techniques. During his research fellowship at Cranfield University, he has worked on numerous applied science projects in signal processing, anomaly detection, process diagnostics, intelligent system design and process automation. Prior to joining Qualimental Technologies, Gabrijel has led web development and data science teams while delivering high quality data analytics, data science and business intelligence solutions to SMEs.

Data Science 95%

Anomaly detection 85%

Signal processing 60%

Jiaxin Xie

Jiaxin Xie

Product Manager & Business Analyst

Jiaxin is an experienced business intelligence analyst and product manager with strong technical and commercial skills. With the MSc in Finance and certificates in Strategic Business, Marketing and Operation Analytics etc, she possesses in-depth knowledge of business analytics. Prior to joining Qualimental Technologies, she had been a Business Intelligence Analyst at a data science consultancy helping tech companies be more data-driven. Before that, she had been a senior consultant in a financial technology company serving institutional investors, where she gained expertise in performance analysis, financial management and workflow optimization.

Strategic consulting 90%

Data Analytics 85%

Business Analysis 80%

Adair Chávez Roveglia

Adair Chávez Roveglia

Lead Developer & Data Engineer

Adair is a very experienced web application developer, data engineer, and data scientist with a BSc degree in Physics and MSc in Artificial Intelligence. During his Master studies, he focused on predicting stock market price using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). Prior to joining Qualimental Technologies, Adair has been working as bespoke web application developer using Ruby, Python, and SQL and worked extensively with PostgreSQL, MongoDB and mySQL databases. Some of the most recent projects include development of social sharing platform, development of fundraiser platform, and development of Extract, Transform, Load solutions in data engineering.

Web application development 95%

Data Engineering 80%

Artificial Intelligence 75%

Termitnjak Ltd

Termitnjak Ltd

Strategic partner

Termitnjak Ltd is Qualimental Technologies' strategic partner enhancing Qualimental Technologies' team of professionals. Termitnjak has 10 years experience in Web Application Development, System Integration and Hosting, and offers expert advice in Open Source systems and Python based web application frameworks. Specifically, Termitnjak provides services of Database Design, API development, Web application development, cloud based hosting with continuous integration, and consulting of various fields.

Web Application Development 90%

Data Science 75%

Hosting 60%

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